Feathered Frog (featheredfrog) wrote in whisperingwell,
Feathered Frog

SJW source?

Okay, here's a question somebody here must be able to answer. Both "buying clubs" in my area, Costco and BJs seem to have discontinued their Saint Johnswort capsules. This was the least expensive local source, and I really don't want to go back to the health food store, where the prices are triple. So:
  1. Are you taking SJW from an online/mail order source?

  2. If so, where have you found it cheapest?

  3. In what seems to be the standard (300 mg at .3% Hypericin) potency

Are there any good buys out there? I've found bottles of 90 for $5.47 (quantity 6 bottles) which is FAR less than I pay at the Health Food store. Anyone familiar with health-pages.com?

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